Purple Passion Ideas For Procion Dyes

Purple Passion Ideas For Procion Dyes

Here's the fun thing happening this week in The Art Of Creative Batik. We will be extending our purple dye combinations & ideas inside the workshop.

Last week's purple dyes conversation got into my head, and I started thinking about all the different variations available with the Full Immersion Batik process. There are SO many purple combinations that we haven't even tapped into yet.  And I don't know what sparked the memory of this Peacock dress I did back in 2016, but something did.

Many of my students can probably identify the order of dyes I used to create this design, and if you can't yet - I will be spelling it out in our next video lesson inside the group, so if you're not joined already - you gotta join!

I'm tempted to make a batik tshirt version of this design, or close to it.  

It's brewing in a thought process right now.  Do you allow yourself allotted time for ideas to form?  I consider it part of the creation process - the quiet time when my mind works behind the scenes.

I love the long feathers, and the stars.  How did I come up with that?  Clever!

Cute back of the dress, or the front. I remember I designed these to be reversible. It's just as fabulous turned around. The little mandala emblem at the center of the V makes it.

I only made two back in 2016. They were in honor of a very talented Etsy seller and Batikwalla collector who passed away very unexpectedly. She sewed together a patchwork peacock dress with interesting fabrics that sparked the idea of two peacocks kissing. I translated it into a batik design and this dress was born.

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