Batiks Around The World

Batiks Around The World

Isn't this beautiful?  A customer sent me this pic.  She's wore her dress while tracing her roots back to Corvo Island.  Have you heard of this place?  It's beautiful!!!  I looked it up, it's part of Portugal.


Here is another customer having a lot of fun in her dress while in Maui.  

Here is another customer who sent me this pic after he bought his new favorite hoodie.

He seems pretty happy with it.  I think he's in Texas, but I can't remember.  Anyway, he looks handsome.  

This lovely customer sent me this pic enjoying her dress at a concert in Brooklyn, at the new Coney Island Boardwalk amphitheater.  Another incredibly unique piece she just found in the collection.  The other side is an amazing tree - I'll post the link of the actual dress here.  She said so many people stopped and asked her about the dress.

Thanks so much for sending me this pic, Susan!!

And check out how much fun Rachael is having in her eco-fleece top. ❤︎

Here is her top from the site.

Here's a recent screencap from a very well received Facebook post shared to the Batikwalla fan page from Lana and her extremely talented mom, who made this amazing quilt with the batik fabric prints in the Art and Prints section. 

From Heather, so happy with her blue leggings for a poolside yoga session.  Amazing strength, Heather!  Thank you for the photos.  

Here's a pic from Leslie playing with Curley Taylor and the Zydeco Trouble from Sunset, Louisiana at the Gator By The Bay Festival.  She's playing at the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland soon and promises to get more pics of her performing on stage in her Batikwalla dress.   Thank you Leslie!  It's an honor 💗

Check out Sienna Rose sending her Batikwalla pic all the way from Ecuador!  Looks like you are having tons of fun!!!  I wanna go too!!

Kami in the Boston Public Gardens before Phish @ Fenway last weekend 💜 thank you!!!


 So if anyone else wants to send me your pics enjoying your new batik piece, please do!  I'll post them here.  And please tell me where you are as it adds to the fun and adventure.

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I, too, have over-grown many of my teeshirts.
I loved the 5X vee neck shirt you have listed on the website, but I’m not THAT big!!
Do you have anything in 3X that isn’t sleeveless?
I’ll look for some photos of the staff shirts you made for Davis’ "Whole Earth Festival. I know I have at least one.
Hope you are doing well.

“… with love, Lois”

(That’s my new business name. What do you think?)

- Lois Richter, 530-902-0209

Truly with love to one of my favorite artist!

Lois C Richter

Hello Victoria,
I adore your batiks. They are incredibly beautiful. When I was a young, thin pagan hippie, I wore batik, and still have a couple of those tiny tees from the 60s and 70s in my cedar chest. I am now a 72 year old, pagan hippie who has gotten fat. I am wondering if there is any way to get a tee shirt in a larger size and style. I like V necks,( I have a gorgeous luna moth tattoo on my chest that sits perfectly in the V), among a few other tattoos. I love the tee with the Nature of Fractals, but would really love it on a short sleeve, V neck tee. On your page, it says you have up to 5x, but the V neck tees are only up to 2×. I would really love a 3×. I also like the Sunshine Day at the Beach pattern. If it was possible to get one of those patterns on a blue Vneck tee, in a 3x, that would be heavenly. If it is impossible, I understand, but I might shed a tear. I hope to hear from you.

Thanks, Vicki
Victoria Ziemer
Greetings Victoria, I have admired your work for some time now!* Thank you for sharing your Live-sessions online as well..

Will you be making anymore of the quality Blue on Blue yoga pants? If so, I am very much interested…Let me know if you are taking orders… All the best, Deborah*

Deborah Phillips

Hi! Big love for Batik…sorry its crazy expensive :(
In the 60’s all of us were melting wax on velvet and wearing our creations proudly.
Do you use velvet?? I would love to inquire and ask for something in velvet please!!
I will start saving now…let me know

peace and love Connie

connie mosley

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