Batik Sun Visor Hats - Handcrafted Process

Batik Sun Visor Hats - Handcrafted Process

I like wearing these sun visors with shades because it's like I'm incognito, but not really.  The newest color just added are these Pretty in Pink. 

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After I posted these for sale on my Facebook page, I found myself defending the visors by making it clear not to suggest they be something else.  Lol, too easy to suggest, but not as easy to create!  Naa, we don't do that here.  We respect the craft and what it took to create and produce for sale.

Victoria Painting batik with pure beeswax

Soon the batik visors were getting bought up by folks who recognize a truly unique and useful summer accessory.

Cool Purple Moon and Stars Sun Visor - colors are dark blue purple with white stars

Had fun painting this sun visor on a live video inside my batik fiber art studio. 

Viewers can appreciate the attention to detail I put in each one, and by doing so offers an explanation as to why I don't accept suggestions.  

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 Victoria Painting in my batik studio

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