Sunsetting and "God's Rays"  Pretty Cool

Sunsetting and "God's Rays" Pretty Cool

I looked out the window and just knew there was going to be a beautiful sunset.  I grabbed my camera, threw on my running shoes, and bolted out the front door to one of my favorite view spots in the neighborhood.  I had a mission on my mind, and didn't stop until I got there.  But looking back, it wasn't easy getting this beautiful sunset image.  At the time, sure, but the next day I really felt the impact of running two blocks uphill at full speed.  


Looking at these now I know it was worth it.  Ah, so beautiful!  Isn't this what it's all about?

I have several favorite view spots so I kept on walking long after the sun had set.

Finally heading back home.  We watched the moon go down, and thunderstorms soon followed.  I slept through most of it and only heard about it the next day.

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