Measurements & Preview - Beautiful Summer Dresses, Longer Length + Size

Measurements & Preview - Beautiful Summer Dresses, Longer Length + Size

Enjoy a sneak preview of the new summer dresses I've been working on the past month.  Several more of these bohemien batiks are mid-process at the moment, and will be finished by our next eletter.  Prices for these beauts will range near the $115 - $165 mark, give or take, depending on the extent of the design and color range.  Stay tuned and don't miss your chance to get one!  There is only one made per size/ per color.

To make it easy for you to shop this style, I'm posting the measurements in advance.  Fabric is 100% cotton knit jersey, preshrunk & perfect weight for summer.

SMALL : 16" across the bust, 40" from shoulder to the highest level of the hem, just below the knees  (the model is always wearing the smallest size I make as a reference point to work from)

MEDIUM : 17" across, 41" from shoulder to hem

LARGE :  18" across, 42" from shoulder to hem

XL :  19" across, 43" from shoulder to hem

2X :  21" across the bust, 43" from shoulder to hem

3X :  23" across the bust, 46" from shoulder to hem


The batik dresses on display here are all size Medium.

 Enjoy the details natural handmade batik offers us.  

I think of the entire garment as a canvas for the body.


This week I reopened my Art Of Creative Batik online workshop for those interested in immersing themselves into a weekly studio environment around the creation of their own batik projects.  The link for this final opportunity is here.  The offer expires by midnight pacific time, June 15th.  
The next open is tentatively August 1st.  

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